Stanford seeks 200 volunteers with long COVID to test Paxlovid, in nation’s first such study


Stanford Medicine is seeking volunteers for the nation’s first clinical trial looking at whether the antiviral drug Paxlovid can fight one of COVID-19’s thorniest problems affecting millions of people: the long-term, debilitating suite of symptoms known as long COVID.

There are currently no treatments, and many people turn to
risky, unproven methods
to try to cure themselves.

Researchers hope the trial will also shed light on the mystery of why an estimated
one in five infected people
develop the persistent symptoms that include brain fog, chronic fatigue, erratic blood pressure, shortness of breath and many others.

One hypothesis is that
bits of the COVID-causing coronavirus remain hidden in the bodywreaking havoc, said Upinder Singh, a Stanford infectious disease expert who is running the trial with Dr. Linda Geng, co-director of the medical center’s long COVID clinic.

“Data indicates that may be the case,” Singh said. By using a drug known to work on COVID, she said the hope is that it would also work on long COVID and “target that residual virus” in the body.


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