How much is pet insurance for a dog?

The cost of pet insurance for dogs is fairly inexpensive but various factors can influence the price.

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Veterinary expenses can be substantial if your pet suddenly becomes ill or injured.

Pet owners spent a record $34.3 billion on veterinary care and related expenditures in 2021, according to the American Pet Products Association (APPA). If the potential for expensive vet bills concerns you, pet insurance may be an option worth exploring to help offset the costs.

Pet insurance works much like human health insurance. You pay a monthly premium for a policy that covers (or under) the costs of unexpected injuries, illnesses, and other conditions. This insurance is relatively inexpensive, but it can be a financial lifesaver if you suddenly face a hefty vet bill.

Pet insurance primarily covers dogs and cats, and we’ll be covering the costs of pet insurance for dogs in this guide.

If you’re in the market for pet insurance then start by getting a free online price quote first so you know exactly what to expect.

How much is pet insurance for a dog?

Generally, dog insurance is more costly than cat insurance because dogs are typically larger and require more medication and sedation for veterinary procedures. Coverage premiums for dogs range from $10 to $100 per month, with an average cost between $30 and $50.

Several factors contribute to the premium amount you’ll pay, including your dog’s breed, age and where you live. Like human health insurance, you’ll pay more for an older dog than a puppy, as the likelihood of health issues is more significant.

Depending on your policy, your pet insurance can help your dog get the treatment it needs for an accidental injury, illness or hereditary condition. Some providers allow you to purchase add-on coverage plans for routine care, dental care, preventative procedures and prescriptions.

Which dog breeds are cheap to insure?

The cost of dog insurance coverage can be cheap or expensive, depending on your dog’s breeding. Breeds that statistically carry a higher likelihood of health issues will typically cost more to insure. Breeds that are known to lead long, healthy lives usually carry lower insurance premiums.

LendEDU analyzed data about 114 dog and cat breeds from Spot Pet Insurance and discovered the most affordable dog breeds to insure are the English Springer Spaniel, Miniature Yorkshire Terrier and Goldendoodle. The premiums for these breeds range from roughly $34 to $40 per month. Not surprisingly, the first two breeds are smaller dogs, and all three are known to live long lives.

You might think mixed breeds are more expensive to insure, but that’s not the case. Since mixed breeds are less likely to inherit breed-specific health issues, their premiums are usually more affordable than their purebred counterparts.

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Which dog breeds are expensive to insure?

Some dog breeds are more expensive to insure because their breed is predisposed to specific diseases and conditions.

For example, Rottweilers are often more expensive to insure in part because they are more commonly affected by hip dysplasia than other breeds. Fetch by The Dodo, which states their average monthly premium for all dog breeds is $35, quoted a $45.86 premium on a 2-year-old Rottweiler in St. Louis with a $5,000 limit, 80% reimbursement rate and a $300 deductible.

According to the LendEDU study, the most expensive dog breeds to insure are the Newfoundland, Dogue De Bordeaux and Jack Russell Terrier, with roughly $90 to $100 monthly premiums. “Newfies” and Dogue De Bordeaux are immense animals weighing upwards of 140 to 150 pounds, while all three breeds are susceptible to breed-specific health issues.

The bottom line

Since dog insurance costs vary by breed, it’s best to get a few quotes from pet insurance providers to determine how much coverage may cost for your dog. Before you do, consult your veterinarian about any future health concerns for your dog. That way, you can save money by only signing up for the coverage you need.

You may also receive cheaper insurance rates with an accident-only policy. These policies are not comprehensive, but they may suit your needs and cost as little as $10 per month.

You can get a free pet insurance quote in 30 seconds online now or use the table below to review some top pet insurance providers.

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