Health Affairs Top Twelve Podcasts Of 2022

With 2022 already in our rearview mirror, we wanted to share with readers and audiophiles the top 12 podcast episodes that Health Affairs produced this year.

This list spans our various shows, including the interview-based A Health Podysseythe news-oriented Health Affairs This Weekand our narrative Pathways show.

Remember to subscribe to each show wherever you listen and never miss out on health policy insights from Health Affairs! Here is the list of our top episodes, in no particular order:

A Health Podyssey: Matthew Trombley on Why Many Providers Run From Downside Risk in ACOs

A Health Podyssey is our flagship podcast where Editor-in-Chief Alan Weil interviews researchers who author papers in our monthly journal. This podcast takes you beyond the pages of Health Affairs to bring you insightful conversations on all thing health policy, including the latest research on health equity and drug spending.

One of our perennial topics on the pod is health spending and the changing payment landscape of health care. In this episode, Matthew Trombley from Abt Associates discusses how to support ACO creation in less populated areas and how downside risk affects savings and exits from ACOs.

A Health Podyssey: Jill Horwitz Questions the Role of Nonprofit Hospitals

In this interview, Jill Horwitz from the UCLA School of Law joins A Health Podyssey to discuss the similarities and differences in hospital behavior based upon ownership.

Horwitz and Austin Nichols published a paper in the March issue exploring the relationship between ownership type for urban hospitals and which service lines they offer. They found that for-profits, nonprofits, and government-owned hospitals are all more likely to offer a service if its profitable, but for-profit hospitals are overall more responsive to service profitability than nonprofits.

A Health Podyssey: Michael Sun on Racial Biases Hiding in EHRs

In February, we published a theme issue on Racism and Health (we will be publishing a second installment this year in October). The issue includes papers that trace the long history of racism through present day policies and practices that contribute to large and sustained health disparities.

Sun and coauthors studied bias in how patients are characterized by clinicians through the history and physical notes entered into a patient’s electronic health record. They found Black patients had over 2.5 times the odds of having negative descriptors in their medical records when compared to white patients.

This A Health Podyssey episode gives an insider view of that paper/research.

Health Affairs This Week: Why the Inflation Reduction Act is a Big Deal for Health Care

Health Affairs This Week offers a view into what health policy news catches the eyes of our editorial team, all in 15 minutes or less.

Most episodes offer explainers into what the biggest news is and why it matters to the health policy crowd. This episode is a great starting point if you’ve never heard the show. Health Affairs’ Leslie Erdelack and Rob Lott dive into the health care and climate change provisions into the Inflation Reduction Act, which was signed into law by President Joe Biden this August.

A Health Podyssey: Field trip: Toyin Ajayi, CEO of Cityblock Health

While A Health Podyssey is mostly focused on journal authors, we do like to interview big names in health policy and business from time to time. These Excursion episodes offer candid conversations with well-known figures in health care.

This August, Alan Weil interviewed Dr. Toyin Ajayi, co-founder and CEO of Cityblock Health. They discuss how Ajayi and co-founders built a business that focuses on historically underserved populations and where the company is headed.

If you like this Excursioncheck out this interview with Andy Slavitt from June.

Pathways: The Earth Disease: What the Government Can Do About Climate Change

This year saw the fruits of our Health Affairs Podcast Fellowship Program. In 2021, four fellows produced three unique seasons to explore the avenues and alleyways of the health care through a variety of storytelling—from investigative journalism and health policy explainers to long-form interviews.

In The Earth Disease, journalist Jared Downing draws out the connection between climate change and health care across four episodes. In his fourth and final episode, Jared outlines the carrots and sticks that the federal government can use to curb climate change with interviews from Dr. Ashish Jha and Arsenio Mataka from the Office of Climate Change and Health Equity at HHS.

A Health Podyssey: Seth Berkowitz Puts a Figure to Social Determinant Spending

Limited access to transportation is well established as a barrier to people obtaining health care services. Thus, some insurers and health systems have begun to offer a non-emergency transportation benefit.

Seth Berkowitz from the University of North Carolina School of Medicine joins A Health Podyssey to discuss the effect of providing a transportation benefit.

Berkowitz and colleagues assessed the effects of a NEMT benefit offered to members of a Medicare ACO. Enrollees had very positive reactions to the program, but it was also associated with more outpatient visits per person per year and thousands of dollars more in outpatient spending.

These findings put a marker down on how researchers and business leaders can think about the costs and benefits of spending related to social determinants of health.

Pathways: While We Wait: Into the Archives – History of Mental Health Policy

For their fellowship podcast, Avni Kulkarni and Sania Ali explore the mental health boarding crisis throughout seven episodes.

This standout episode sees Kulkarni and Ali diving into policy and federal archives to learn about a seismic shift in mental health policy that’s left the health care system scrambling to fill the cracks for decades.

Listen as Sania and Avni go back in time to make sense of it all and trace the roots of the mental health boarding crisis.

A Health Podyssey: Tara Lagu on Physicians’ Attitudes on People with Disabilities

In October, we published a theme issue on Disability and Health. In this episode, Alan Weil interviews Northwestern University’s Tara Lagu on the paper she published in the issue examining physicians’ attitudes toward patients with disabilities.

A Health Podyssey: Leemore Dafny – Our 100th Episode

This September, we published our 100th episode of A Health Podyssey! To celebrate, Harvard Business School’s Leemore Dafny joined the program to talk about the complex topic of financing pharmaceuticals.

A Health Podyssey: Ruqaiijah Yearby Reviews Structural Racism in US Health Care Policy

As part of our episodes for the Racism and Health issue, Ruqaiijah Yearby from Saint Louis University shares how structural racism is embedded in US health policy.

Pathways: Piecemeal: Health Care Consolidation and Independent Primary Care

The first season we published on Pathways was Lalita Abhyankar’s six-episode Piecemeal, which examines how consolidation in health care is affecting independent primary care.

This episode sets the stage for the exciting season, which gives listeners a better understanding on how private equity and market forces affect providers’ businesses, and ultimately patients’ health.

Watch the Pathways channel for new episodes in 2023 on the topics of palliative care and safety net hospitals.

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