15 Minutes With … Dr. Doug Whitehead of Proactive MD

Dr. Doug Whitehead has been a primary care physician for most of his more than 30 years in medicine.

After medical school at MUSC in Charleston and residency with the Greenville Hospital System (now Prisma Health), he was a founding partner of Greer Family Medicine. In 2019, after nearly 25 years at the practice, he joined Simpsonville-based Proactive MD.

At Proactive MD, Whitehead has cared for patients at the company’s Spartanburg Health Center and is currently at the company’s new Greenville Health Center, which opened in January on Villa Road.

John Collier, CEO of Proactive MD, founded the company in 2016 to be a catalyst for change in the way healthcare is provided — returning the focus to advanced primary care, and the patient.

Dr. Doug Whitehead, Proactive MD in Greenville SC

Proactive MD partners with private and public employers to provide their people with high quality care at a conveniently located, dedicated Health Center — often on-site for larger companies. The result is better patient outcomes and healthier, more productive workers at a lower cost than traditional healthcare plans.

The company is growing rapidly and operates in 17 states and has more than 70 health care centers, including 11 in the South Carolina.

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